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A samurai’s armour is a work of art – intricately decorated, but with violent function at its heart. You’ll come across a variety of armour sets throughout your time with Ghost of Tsushima, but each one works best in different situations.

Light clothing with an emphasis on mobility works a treat as Jin embraces his darker impulses as the stealthy Ghost, but offers little protection when it’s time to really throw down in a fight.

Here are all of Ghost of Tsushima’s best armour sets for each play style, as well as where to lay your hands on them.

Be advised, many of the best armour sets in Ghost of Tsushima are rewards for quests, while some unlock relatively late in the story. This comes as a spoiler warning for rewards from quests and later-game story unlocks.

With that said, the armour set listed here that unlocks latest in the game has been extensively shown in trailers, and is literally on the box art for Ghost of Tsushima.

Ghost of Tsushima Best Armour Sets for each play style

Best Armor for explorers and completionists – Traveller’s Attire

Right off Komoda Beach, when you make it to a Survivor Camp and speak to a merchant, you’ll get a fresh set of threads – the Traveller’s Attire.

In the story, changing out of your broken armour helps to take the heat off Jin by making him less of an obvious target to the Mongol Invaders.

However, it also has the unique ability to track down the copious collectibles throughout the island of Tsushima. This is the only armour set which lets you point the guiding wind at hidden items.

While it’s not that useful during combat, you’ll probably find yourself wearing this at the end of the game to scoop up everything you’ve missed. Or you could quickly don it when you enter a new area to scoot around and grab everything as you play.

Best Armour for Mixed Characters – Ronin Attire

You can really easily get one of Ghost of Tsushima’s best armour sets straight away in Act 1 by heading to the west of the island to help out your old friend Ryuzo.

While the Ronin Attire doesn’t have the damage reduction capabilities of Clan Adachi’s Samurai armour, it makes up for this by blending a wide range of skills into one set – so you’re not switching around all the time and can concentrate on just having fun with the game.

The decent buff to melee damage is always useful, and the stealth orientated abilities are quite powerful and the only ones you’ll find on armour for most of the game.

If you like to approach encounters stealthily, but don’t want to be caught short when the story forces you into a violent situation, the Ronin Attire is the way to go.

Best Armor for Melee Characters – Sakai Clan Armour, Gosaku’s Armour

There are two great choices for melee characters from the start of Act 2.

The first is a story unlock, in the northwest of the second area: Jin’s Sakai Clan Armour. This powerful set works well for players who want to wade into fights without messing around with stealth.

Firstly because it greatly increases your ability to deal and receive damage, but also because when fully upgraded it allows you to take out a maximum of 5 enemies with Ghost of Tsushima’s showpiece Standoff mechanic.

Second is Gosaku’s Armour, which you’re rewarded with at the end of The Unbreakable Gosaku Mythic Tale.

We have a full page on where to find and complete all of the Mythic Tales, but you start it just outside of Akashima when you reach that prefecture at the beginning of Act 2.

While the Clan Armour has powerful passive buffs, Gosaku’s Armour is better if you want a bit more of an active challenge in your playstyle.

Essentially, it powers up your stances so you can stagger enemies more easily and finish them off in style. And once you’ve done that, it tops up your health for good measure.

If you enjoy playing the melee meta-game (or don’t and want it to be over quicker), then Gosaku’s Armour rewards you for quickly altering your stance to match your opponent, while also keeping you healthy.

Best Armour for Stealth Characters – Ghost Armour

Next up, at the beginning of Act 3, you finally unlock the Ghost Armour – the set on the box art for the game and that’s been shown off in trailers and presentations of Ghost of Tsushima.

The Ghost Armour functions almost as the stealth equivalent of the Sakai Clan Amour, letting you go undetected until you can pick off any stragglers without reply.

When fully upgraded, its reduction to enemy detection speed means if you crouch, you can pretty much walk right under people’s noses without attracting their ire. While the % chance to Terrify enemies really thins out large groups of enemies, so you’re unlikely to be overwhelmed even without support for your melee abilities.

You can supplement that weakness with charms anyway – and we have a page on where to get all of the best charms in Ghost of Tsushima, here.

For more character building, here are our picks of the best charms in Ghost of Tsushima, as well as our maps on where to find every fox den, bamboo strike, and hot spring.

If you’re struggling to upgrade your amour, we also have a page on where to find more supplies and other materials.


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