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Imagine it to be Temple Run X Mario X Skyroads in VR :p It’s a rhythm-platform game, marrying the game mechanics of ol’ school platformers like Mario, Sonic where you jump/run to collect things and rhythm games like Beat Saber / Guitar Hero where you perform actions to a beat.

In District M, you control the runner’s actions like jump/dash using your left and right controllers, steer its run by swaying your body; while making sure that your moves are in sync with the music.

It’s a 2nd person perspective. The non-mixed reality part of the video above is your POV in VR. Along with controlling the movements of the ‘runner’, you are also a separate entity within the game with unique actions like hitting targets, ducking, dodging… more being added.

The alpha will be out in another week or so and we need alpha-testers / VR gamers to take District M for a trial run. Wanna try it?

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