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Here’s the channel: Shader and VFX tutorials every 2 weeks. (Eng sub) Hope it helps with your projects! 🙂

Here we answer a really frequently asked question, but before that, for those who don’t know us: We are Jettelly, a small indie dev studio which is currently making shader and vfx tutorials for our YouTube channel. Now…

  1. Well, to be honest with you guys, we surely want to make the content greater and enjoyable for everyone, basically, tutorials in English. But for this we need first to get up to a goal; we need to reach a base number of subscribers (100k) to convert them into english videos.

  1. Even if we can speak English, our pronunciation is not that good, and we want to make it sound as “natural” as possible, since we want to keep the content in high-quality for you guys.

  2. After said this, we found this great SERVICE for the translation of our tutorials, but they ask for some things, one of them is having 100k.

  • Pronunciation: I know some of you might be thinking that a “decent” pronuncation is enough, but also the time is a problem for us, we’re a small team, we don’t have enough time to recreate the videos from Spanish to English.

So this is the explanation why we haven’t yet passed the tutorials into English! – If you’d like to help, your subscription or sharing is more than enough for us <3

Have a great night everyone, regards. 🙂

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