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The game is settled in Victorian england. The player controls the heir (image). He was a mere worker until re received the news his uncle, Dr. Driftwood, committed suicide, and he’s the only heir to his uncle’s mansion. Upon arrival, he discover that his uncle had a lot of debts, and he inherited the debts together with the property, but selling the mansion would raise enough money to pay for the debts and also provide a good life for him. While seeing potential buyers, the heir finds out about his uncle’s diaries, telling abou the occult and how the house is cursed by a terrible creature, and no one is worthy of trust, except for the heir. As new people come by to assess the house, the heir slowly descend into madness by having visions of terrible monsters and gets distrustful of the weird behaviours of the help, inside the house. Everything is supposed to e shrouded by mystery and psychologic horror. There’s the intention of including the outer gods to the game as guest characters.

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